5 Day Mountain Lion Hunt in New Mexico:

Price per 1x1 fully guided hunt:  $5500.00 plus tags/license

Oct. 1st - May 15th
All Mountain Lion Hunts require an over-the-counter license that can be purchased at a Walmart or
online at
New Mexico Department of Game and Fish.  The license must be purchased at least 48
hours prior to the hunt and a mountain lion test online must be passed to obtain a license.     

Please contact us for more details. (575) 7
40-3333 (719) 285-6901
We offer a few different ways for you to hunt Mountain Lion.  Our most
popular hunt is done horseback with hounds through the Gila
Wilderness.  Anyone wanting to experience a spectacular scenic hunt
through what was to become the first Wilderness Area in America
should definitely do this hunt. The Gila Wilderness Area was designated
the first Wilderness Area for good reason.  It has some of the most
spectacular scenery of anywhere on earth.  The mountain peaks reach
elevations over 10,000 feet with canyons that you can literally look
1,000 feet straight down.  The Gila Wilderness has three major river
systems with multiple trout filled creeks feeding each of them.
A mountain Lion hunt from horseback will provide you with miles of
scenic beauty that very few will ever have the opportunity to see.
Plus you get to take it all in while pursuing your trophy Mountain Lion.
Male Mountain Lions typically weigh 150 to 200 lbs and can grow up
to 10 feet in length.
Our ranch house is located directly between the Gila Wilderness and the Aldo Leupold Wilderness along the East Fork
of the Gila River.  On this Mountain Lion hunt you will stay here at our ranch house and hunt Lions either with myself or
one of my guides.  You will have a comfortable bed, hot shower and home cooked meals everyday.  Each morning of
your Cougar hunt you will be fed a good hot breakfast put on your trusty stead and professionally guided behind a great
pack of dry ground lion hounds.
We also offer a Mountain Lion hunt for those of you who prefer not
to ride a horse.  This Cougar hunt is done from 4x4 trucks driving
through Mountain Lion country.  Often during the winter months here
in New Mexico we get supple amounts of snow.  On this Lion hunt
you simply sit in the comfort of a truck and look for Mountain Lion
tracks in the snow.  When a Lion track suiting your interest is
discovered the hounds are released and the chase begins.  
This can be a very demanding hunt as Lions tend to live in steep,
rocky terrain.  Add some snow to steep rocky terrain and.... you get
the point.

We also offer a dry ground 4x4 Mountain Lion hunt.  Because we
have very cold nosed dry ground hounds we are able to find
Mountain Lions by letting the hounds sniff for scent from the truck.  
This is known as "Rig Hunting".  You drive around in a truck through
areas where Cougars are common and wait for the hounds to
"open" or bark.  These very well trained lion hounds can often smell
a two day old track while riding in the back of the truck.  This is the
Lion Hunt that I recommend for those of you who are not in
outstanding physical condition.
Often this Mountain Lion hunt takes place in areas that are relatively flat and easy to walk.  The deserts of New Mexico
harbor a great number of Mountain Lion.  
Extreme Hunting Adventures - (575) 740-3333 - (719) 285-6901