Do you have Elk Ivory's and would like to have some Jewelry made but don't
want to spend hundreds of dollars?  Then consider having them made into
Gemstone Elk Ivory Jewelry.
Call me, Deanna Gilstrap and I will give you an estimate over the phone

719 285-6901

All I need to know is:
1. What combination of stones you would like:
Black Onyx, Tiger's Eye, Garnet, Turquoise, Amathyst, Jade, Coral, Bone
2. What length in inches.
3. Type of Elk Ivory Setting:

rop           or           Silver             or            Bead
Call me at 719-285-6901 to Order.
Thank You for Shopping.
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We can discuss your quilting
options at
719 285-6901
I can email more pictures and
discuss cost options.