5 Day Bear Hunting:
Price per 1x1 fully guided hunt with hounds : $4500
Price per 1x1 fully guided hunt spot and stalk: $3500

August 16th - 31st
September 25rd - Nov. 30th
Most of our Bear hunts are done horseback using hounds through
the Gila Wilderness. We also offer spot and stalk Bear hunts without
the use of dogs.  Many of our black bears are color phase bears;
some are chocolate brown, some red, some blonde. Mature bears
typically weigh from 250 pounds to well over 500 lbs with skull
measurements reaching over 21 Boone and Crocket inches. A bear
hunt can also be added in combination with many of our other hunts
like elk, deer or mountain lion.

All Bear Hunts require an over-the-counter license that can be
purchased at a Walmart or online at
New Mexico Department of
Game and Fish.  The license must be purchased at least two days
before the hunt takes place.     

Please contact us for more details. 575 740-3333